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Hi there. I am Ashish. I am a 30 years old male, married to a beautiful Taiwanese girl and proud father of two amzing kids. Presently I live in Sanxia, New Taibei City, Taiwan and work as a senior software engineer. I have been working on Java and related technologies for past 8 years and I most of my experience is in web application development.

I grew up in a small town of Jalgaon, up in north Maharashtra state of India which happens to be pretty close to the world famous Ajanta Caves. In my younger years I moved to Pune to take an engineering degree in Information technology at Sinhgad College.

In year 2005 I came to Taiwan on a small work assignment and absolutely loved this country. I took my time to adjust to Taiwan food and culture but then sheer beauty of this island nation and amazing diversity of food played its part. Not to forget the beautiful, friendly and incredibly courteous people of Taiwan. I also happened to fell in love with a giel who is my wife now. We got married last year in Pune, India and make a beautiful family of four.

I record my Taiwan life here on this blog by written accounts of my weekend outings and photography in general.

Published: August 08 2007

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