Have you ever changed your mind? ChangeThis

I am an avid fan of changethis.com here are the words from them to explain their idea …

Have you ever read something or heard something or seen something and felt the
switch flip? Sometimes this happens if you are reading a particularly good business
book (the way quality and excellence spread through our business culture.) Sometimes
it occurs in a bar, in the middle of a thoughtful discussion about politics. Sometimes it
just takes one photo on the cover of a magazine.

All too often, though, we are led to change our minds on the basis of charisma, not
. People are so easily influenced by a charismatic leader, the kind of person we’d
be eager to befriend, to have dinner with, to follow. We choose someone based on his
personality and then do whatever he tells us to do…

“ChangeThis focuses on the rational and thoughtful arguments that help people change their minds *to a more *productive point of view.”

InĀ  simple words, changeThis releases manifestos which are essentially a five-, ten- or twenty-page PDF file that makes a case. It outlines in careful, thoughtful language why you might want to think about an issue differently. If it strikes chord with you feel free to share it with your friends, blog it or print it.

I have read most of their manifestos and believe me many of them have influenced me a lot especially in my professional life.

Some of my fav manifestos are

  1. 25 ways to distinguish yourself

  2. Reclaiming your life

  3. Managers Ignite

  4. Making most of your time: Going beyond your TODO lists

I would be writing on most of the topics addressed by manifestos on changeThis in coming days.

For now Keep Changing ;-)

- Ashlin

Published: August 09 2007

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