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I absolutely enjoy reading Head First Series books. I first came across Head First Java when my colleague introduced it to me and I absolutely loved it. Although I already had my Java basics in place, reading this book was pure fun. I almost made my mother worried when I went hysteric while reading the funny quotes n pictures in the book. [Ok it was the picture of a Dog object talking to his owner who puts him in an ArrayList and it comes out as Object object …the dog says “I hope it doesn’t hurt. And whats so wrong with staying an Object? OK I can’t fetch, sure but I can give you a real nice hashcode” =))=))=)) ]
By no means are these normal books. They have put everything from a hand drawn pictures to black-n-white pictures from yesteryear movies [often with quotes which can get you roll-on-the-floor laugh] and hand written notes to explain java code. Besides funny pictures and quotes I like the Fireside chats and Java Tabloid TV. They are absolutely hilarious.  The whole idea is to make learning a entertaining activity. They use attention grabbing tactics to help readers remember the key concepts.

Initially the Head first series had a focus on Web applications development using Java technologies but now they are trying their hands on other topics with Head First books written for AJAX, SQL, PMP [Ok thats not a technology… its Project Management & Planning] and soon-to-be-released Head First C#.

Thanks to HF creators Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates for making such a wonderful book. Learning Java has become a fun exercise [Actually teaching too. I am currently teaching Java to some of the new joinees in my company and HFJ has made my life easier by 100 times. Given that I am teaching to my new Taiwanese coworkers, HFJ’s simple lnguage, funny anecdotes are like alt+space in Eclipse].

Last but not least O’Reilly has a great team in place and already making Head First a big success by publishing more HFs.

So my advise is to go grab a copy of any Head First book today and read it. You will love it. [I have purchased all the HF java books and now eagarly waiting for my Head First PMP to arrive 8→]

- Ashish

[Update on Typhoon: Well, typhoon didn’t have much of a impact on north of Taiwan..thankfully. Just had couple of showers thats it. Just missed out on making a good use of my weekend. I was sitting all the time in my appartment as everyone was advised to stay at home. ]

Published: August 24 2007

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