Indian Cricket League

Came across this great article by CricInfo editor Anand Vasu on Mr. Vasu has given a fair idea about what is ICL and then questions about their Business proposition. All in all ariticle is very well written with failry accurate information about ICL proceedings and ICL players but the thing that bothered me much reading the article was the negative tone used throughtout the article towards ICL. For example it ends with
bq. … assume that that the courts somehow hand the ICL everything they want on a platter…   n bla bla bla   … that’s why it must fail.
I can understand when he argues about who will watch ICL matches when Ricky ponting is hooking Zaheer khan in IND-AUS matches or Yuvraj Singh is clobbering  Mhmd. Asif in IND-PAK matches. But we all know competition brings the best out of everyone. Look at what ICL has done to Indian cricket. Had ICL been not floated BCCI wouldn’t have thought about Indian Premire League or suddenly realized that they need to take care of domestic cicketers who may join ICL. Check out who has joined hands with ICL with best intentions – Kapil Dev Cricketer of the Century, Bal winder Sandhu, Bharat Reddy, Rajesh Chuhan, Kiran more and so on. These are all former crickters who want India to be a formidable power in cricket. Whats so wrong with someone trying to bring some compitition and in turn helping improve state of domestic cricket and crickters. Instead of convincing people that it must fail why not hope it to do better. Whatever may be the real intentions of ICL it has stirred BCCI and in turn helped BCCI to think about basic elements of Indian cricket.

Success or no success I am going to root for ICL to do well. At least it has given hope to domestic cricketers and chance to revive their career.

- Ashlin

Published: October 05 2007

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