Another weekend another typhoon

Taiwan is bracing for Typhoon Krosa on this weekend supposedly to impact more severly between late saturday and early sunday. With gusty winds upto 184 kmph and a radius of 300 kms it is expected to dump 44 inches of rain during its short visit to Taiwan.

Check out the satellite images of this monster

Typhoon Krosa

And another one


I took a video of what typhoon was doing in my neighborhood using my camera but unfortunately couldn’t upload it on my youtube account due to internet problem. Basically my appartment internet sucks :(  I guess its time to upgrade the connection speed. I will give a link as soon as I get it uploaded.

I am not sure if Typhoon is going to do be good for me or not. I had a nice trip planned for Sunday with my Taiwanese friends and their Zen meditation classmates to visit Taipei and surrounding picnic spots. I am not sure which places we were supposed to visit but as told by my friend Shayne and Jim it was supposed to be a relaxation trip with visits to some popular hot spring spots nearby Taipei, some traditional Tea shops and massage centers. But thanks to Krosa the organizers had to cancel it. Now I wasn’t so sure if I could join them for this trip as I had caught cold due to sudden change in weather and had to take a day off on Friday :(( that was a real heartbreak since I have already spent my 7 paid holidays and any time off the work is going to cost me. Yes you read it right. 7 paid holiday ~X( This is excruciating especially given that my former company in India had 22 paid holidays along with 10 national holidays. Another interesting thing that I have observed is that these typhoons somehow understand english calender. They seems to visit taiwan only over weekends :P

Anyways I want to turn this house arest as a blessing in disguise. I wasn’t getting enough time to read. So I guess I have perfect opportunity to grab a good book, a cup of coffee and lie down on my living room couch. Even couple of hours retrospection would be great use of time.

Published: October 06 2007

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