How can we differentiate between genuine and fake orkut profiles?

I came across this blog post on Most orkut users know that there are quetionable number of fake orkut profiles created by some morons. This post I am referring to talks about fake orkut profiles being created using children images stolen from flikr. This is really a sad situation for the families of these kids. Number of parents of these kids have started a movement to make Orkut¬†owned by Google to take notice of these¬†pervert actions but seems like the response from Google isn’t great.

After reading through many posts by other members of about how these morons have created these profiles and what parents have done to stop this I feel really sorry for parents. But on the other side I can not think of any solid solution for this problem. For example today the parents have floated a petition to shut down Orkut. Would it really solve the problem? today the fake profiles are created on orkut tomorrow they could be on myspace or facebook or something new.

Shutting down Orkut wouldn’t be a perfect solution for this problem. On the other hand it would be greatly disappointing for people like me who are avid Orkut users and have a great friends network on the site.

I guess social network sites has to come up with some solution by which to confirm if the profiles have been created are genuine or not.

For the time being my sympathies with the parents.

- Ashlin

Published: October 08 2007

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