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Fried Shrimp Rice Box

This is how my typical lunch looks like. The one above is Fried Shrimp Rice Box. Rice box is what most taiwanese would buy for lunch or dinner on most days. It consists of a big piece of meat[chiken/fish/beef or pork] either fried or roasted, some vegetables, chinese speciality called tofu [usually dry], chopped ginger or onion and ofcourse steamed rice. U will also get a pair of wooden use-n-throw chopsticks and a small drink [usually sweet yogurt]. So generally I have to make three decisions

  1. Rice or noodle

  2. Type of meat. Options are Chiken/pork/beef/fish some stores also provide seafood like shrimp n all.

  3. Cooking style. Fried or Roast.

and I earn myself a decent meal. The cost range from 60 to 110 NT$ which I feel is pretty expensive .Usually we order our lunch over the phone and the restaurent guys delivers it. One thing I admire about Taiwan is simplicity and usability. for example the restaurent guys have provided us their business cards which comes with small thumbnails of the dish or meal that we can order.

Business Card

 I personally found it very amusing. So we have got quite a few of them to choose from

Business Cards

 I do go out sometimes to save myself from the monotony that these rice-box lunches brings. Some of the other options I have includes a visit to a Dumplings Restaurent nearby. Hsinchu county where my office is situated is famous for its dumplings. Actually I didn’t know this untill I went to south of Taiwan and people there asked me if I like Dumplings of Hsinchu [it was embarrassing :o)]


There are tons of different kind of dumplings available here in Taiwan depending upon filling used for them. For example the one above is filled with cooked vegetables and pork chops. I have also been to world famous DinTaiFung Restaurent. They have awesome range of dumplings and it was incredible experience. I wasn’t expecting the restaurent would be so great hence didn’t bother taking my camera >_< Lesson learned always keep camera in the backpack

Another option that I have for my lunch is to grab a book or magzine and find a new Cafe nearby to have a relaxed afternoon lunch plus coffee there. It seems there is a Cafe in almost every corner of Taiwan. But this opportunity seldom comes my way lately.

And finally we have moved to our new office last week which is pretty close to my old office. I will put up new office pictures shortly here.

- Ashlin



Published: October 16 2007

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