Lakeside Coffee

Last couple of weeks went at a feverish pace. I was busy traning a new joinee, fire fighting in one project and getting oriented to new office. So I was kind of wore out because all of this. Come this weekend I already had my plans in place as mentioned in my previous post. Friday evening I rented some DVDs and enjoyed some really good movies. Forever Young and Scent of a woman. I have always loved Mel Gibson movies and Forever Young was no different. I have seen Scent of a woman couple of times and I absolutely savor watching Al Pacino’s performance which fetched him Oscar in 1992.

Saturday was a great day but I absolutely couldn’t help myself out of my bed. Haven’t you ever had this feeling when you don’t want to move a muscle, just lie down in your bed, look into a distant car or street and watch people go about their life and think about what they would be doing in coming hours. Well I do have these kind of feelings time to time.

Come Sunday we again had a wonderful day. This seldom happens in Taiwan. Back to back days with a sun shining in the sky and no trace of clouds. I wanted to go out but the only place that I usually go out for a one day trip is Taipei. Going to Taipei for a day tour usually drains me out. So I decided againest it. Couple of months before I had read about a coffe shop near a reservoir called  Lakeside Coffee .

Lakeside Coffee Table
The idea of sitting beside a lake and sipping a cup of coffee is exactly what I could ask for after a hectic week so I decided to check it out.

It was supposed to be close to my place about 20 to 30 mins but only after asking several people and missing a turn or two I reached this beautiful place after 1 hr and 15 mins. Ok I know I was slow… lol … but I was just trying to enjoy the view on display and breathing fresh mountain air.


I missed a turn and crossed this bridge. I was fortunate to realize early that I was heading a wrong way so promptly took a U-turn.

Shienmen Reservoir

Wouldn’t mind to miss some turns if it leads me this view.

Lakeside Coffee Board

Finally I found it. Small board of Lakeside Coffee. It took me some time to find this little place but was worth the trouble.

Lakeside Coffee

Looks small but it hosts three floors and a big open seating place facing lake in the background. Given it was Sunday and how Taiwanese people love to eat outside on the weekend I hardly expected to get an unoccupied table. And I was right. I had to wait for good 20 mins for my turn. I utilized my time to take some pictures inside the restaurent waiting area.

Inside Lakeside Coffee Restaurent


Beautiful framed pictures of the lake and surroundings of the restaurent.

Today's special

Sunday special menu on display.Wasn’t really hungry.Looked delicious though :D

Twin Peaks Lakeside Coffee

Surprisingly menu was bi-lingual :D So instead of relying on my gut feeling I was actually able choose something … lol. Saw an interesting name on the card and oredered it. Twin Peaks Lakeside Special Coffee. I wasn’t sure what “twin peaks” actually meant untill the waiter served me this lol.

Strawberry Cake

Couldn’t resist but order those :P

Drinking water

Drinking water is usually served with a natural flavour here. This one was warm with fresh piece of lemon and orange.

I had plenty of time to kill so clicked some scenic photos.

Lakeside view to the left

This is what I could see to my left.

Thats me @ LC

Ok folks forgive me but this is the best I could give lol

Another one of mine

Another tame attempt at looking cool.

Sunset from LC

Sun was going down real fast. It was beautiful and very calm out there.

Jet stream

It was time to leave. I saw a passenger jet passing in the distant sky, soaring toward its destination. I felt refreshed and recharged.It was refreshing experience and it came from simple pleasures of riding in mountains, breathing fresh air and watching nature.

- Ashlin

Published: October 21 2007

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