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Last week me and Anurag, one of my dear friend in Taiwan decided to check out a place in Hsinchu called Neiwan. In spite of huge efforts on my side I couldn’t get my ass to Hsinchu before noon as decided earlier. So my apologies to Anurag who had to wait till afternoon to start our journey to Neiwan. In addition to my being late for the trip we had another big question to solve, how the hell do we get there? LoL.

At 2:30 pm outside Hsinchu train station we started our quest for Neiwan. Both of us don’t know a word in Chinese so nobody could understand where the heck we wanted to go. Anurag was enquiring about “Ni-wan” and I had been told by my colleague to pronounce it as “Ne2-wan4”. After all the jumbling of English [Indian accent], broken Chinese and sign language, we found out that we couldn’t take train from Hsinchu to Nei-wan. We had to take a bus to Jhu-dong first and then switch to another bus for Nei-wan. Phew… Finally we reached Nei-wan at 5 pm. It was gloomy out there as the sun was going down real fast.

After getting off the bus at Nei-wan we knew we just had another hr or so to check out the place as we were supposed to be back in Hsinchu for dinner with couple of other Indian friends. I thought of kicking myself in the back after seeing how beautiful Neiwas was. The place is strikingly similar to another place I have been couple of times known as Pingshi. Pingshi is to the north-east of Taipei and it is famous for lantern festival celebrations when thousands of people gather there to send out paper lanterns in the sky with wishes written all over them.

Me at Neiwan

Bus stops right at the start of this bridge.

I took a small video of the place just after getting off the bus.

Old bridge at Neiwan

There is another bridge parallel to this bridge to the left. Suspension bridges of this kind are all over Taiwan. I have seen them in Pingshi, Nantou, Tainan and Bitan [Xindian,Taipei].

River as seen from Bridge
didn’t bother checking name of this river.

Trekking on one of the hills in Neiwan

There are numerous hiking trails around Neiwan. We wanted to catch some great views so started walking along one of the closest we could find.

Anurag at Neiwan hiking trail
Walking on these man made trails wasn’t exactly fun but dense forest surrounding the trails and fading sunlight provided enough thrill.


Already out of breath and light fading fast we decided to turn back from what looked like to be middle of the trail.

Way down the hill

This view reminded me Shimala and Kulu-Manali of India.

Once we were down the hill we grabbed a table at the nearest possible restaurant LoL.

Anurag at the Table

Anurag found a table with a great view of river and bridge. We gorged on wonderful coffee. Needless to say it was expensive NT$ 220.
Live band stage at a restaurant in Neiwan
Our table was near a live band stage excellently placed at the back of the restaurant with river view in the background. Unfortunately the moment we entered restaurant band took a break :(
it was time to catch our bus. Before heading for bus stop we took a walk to check other restaurants in the area.

Restaurent Entrance

Saw this at the entrance of one of the restaurant. What the heck is that dog’s picture for?

Kids fun place

As usual lot of options for kids to have fun.

Return journey to Hsinchu was pretty quick. We took a train to Jhu-dong and then bus to Hsinchu was waiting right outside when we went out of Jhu-dong station.

Another big attraction for Nei-wan is Go-Karting. We didn’t have enough time to check out that but we could see at least four big go-karting tracks from our bus ride. I am going to be a regular visitor to Nei-wan i guess. Mostly because of easy access to the place and various options for hiking and exploring surrounding area. Go-Karting is also another draw for me to go there again.

Once back in Hsinchu we met couple of other Indians living in Taiwan and headed for Indian Restaurant nearby Hsinchu Train station.

Dinner at Indian Cuisine Restaurant

I don’t cook so I was looking forward to this opportunity to taste Indian food after really long time. It was great catching up with other Indians especially Saumen. He was the first Indian I met in Taiwan in early 2006 and we were neighbors in Yangmei. After that we were out of touch but finally I could connect him just couple of months ago.
All in all it was excellent day apart from being late in the morning LoL. I guess It won’t be too long before I visit Nei-wan again.

Published: November 07 2007

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