Weekend party and some karaoke fun

Saturday night I went to Taipei to meet my colleagues and join a dinner party. The reason of the party was to celebrate Ray and his girlfriend Clair’s 5 years of being together.

Ray and Clair

We met at Taipei City Hall MRT station and headed for nearest shopping mall which hosts eslite bookstore. Ray had already booked table for us at Le ble’ Dor Restaurant which is on the B1 Floor. To my surprise i was the first guest to join Ray and Clair on the table. I guess other people had difficult time coming through Taipei traffic and be on time.

 Egg Rice with meat

We ordered some french beer and some random dishes from the menu.

Grant and Eda

Shortly grant and his wife Eda joined too. Look at grant in the picture. He is all red just after 2 glass of beer. After watching what small quantity of alcohol did to my friends i thought It must be a piece of cake for Taiwan traffic police to catch a drunken driver lol

 Although most of the dinner discussion was in Chinese i chipped in between to pass on my comments. I am used to these kind of lunch/dinner parties now. Anyways who the heck cares, i was busy stuffing delicious food and enjoying french beer. One thing that i still coming to terms with is, making a toast each time someone has to drink. I mean no offence to Taiwan culture but it just hard for me to find a someone willing to say “hey cheers pal” and have a sip. Its also amazing to see how Taiwanese can find reason for toast each time they want to have a sip.

Playing dart

While we were waiting for others to join us we played couple of dart games and what a shame, ladies won hands down. Later they told us they imagined their partners picture on the board and aimed for their noses lol. What a great motivation to score maximum points.

Jhonson and Lily

After my lowest point of the evening i.e. heavy defeat in darts game, another lovely couple joined us. Johnson and his lovely wife Lily as seen in the above picture. 

All in one

Dinner was pretty long with several dishes coming in and out, mugs being filled in and emptied. After dinner we decided to go to KTV to sing songs and drink some more beers. Now i have been to KTV several times during my stay here. Its not that boring if you like and can sing song and i mean sing well but singing isn’t really my cup of tea. I went there for beers :) But I actually had a good time this time. I think my colleagues sung pretty well or was it the beer :-? i really couldn’t tell but i was having fun there.

Holiday KTV

All in KTV room

Clair Ray grant and Eda LTR

hands up

Standing up

I thought people just sing in KTV but here everybody got up and started shaking a leg or two. I think the song was “One night in Beijing”.


I obliged by doing my part too.  I looked like enjoying my evening walk though LOL. This kind of unenviable poses are results of my being creative while being photographed sigggghh.  By the time we walked out of that dark room it was 2:30 am.
Mirror in the corridor

I took this picture while walking through the corridor. It was possible because of my Nikon s4. It has 270 degrees rotating lenses so i could see the overhead mirror in my camera LCD screen without actually looking at it. I could have done better with the picture like turning off the flash, but three and half hours of loud music in a jammed room made me somewhat dizzy.

Taipei 101

This is how Taipei 101 [now second tallest building in the world] looks like in the night. Add couple of french beers and Taipei special breeze.

All in all it was great fun to be with colleagues. Especially I was socializing with them outside work environment. This party was due since long time. In the past whenever we decided someone had to ditch due to various reasons but I am glad finally we could get together and have some real fun.

BTW I still haven’t got a clue about how to put nicely formatted picture in my blog post. Most of them i had to scale down to some approx size like 375 × 500 but it still doesn’t look good to me. My Flickr images comes out pretty good but images directly uploaded to wordprees doesn’t come out that well. I don’t want to dump food or some average pictures to my Flickr account. Otherwise I am thinking of creating a dummy Flickr account to store my average images. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Published: November 18 2007

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