Dinner in Jhubei

One of the perks of working for a consulting company is that I get to dine with clients on a weekly basis. today after day long discussions, I had a dinner with Project Manager of one of our biggest clients. The clients office is located in Jhunan, South of Hsinchu County but since this guy lives in Jhubei where my office is located we decided to have dinner in Jhubei. Jhubei has excellent range of restaurants in the area known as 11 Street. Plenty of restaurants to choose from. In addition to traditional Chinese food restaurants, you can find Japanese, Italian, Continental and several Coffee/Tea shops. But we chose the nearest one from where we parked our car LOL.

Restaurant in Jhubei

This is the entrance of the restaurant. No sign, no board but a 2 floor restaurant with capacity for 100 people. Impressive.

Outside dinning table

Several table were placed outside to accommodate peak hour customers. Check out the two shoe shaped china clay flower pots hanging on the wall in the right top quarter of the image.

Dinning with customer and colleagues

Dinning party. Left to right – Steven, our guest of the evening then Johnson and Ray, my colleagues and myself.

Food at the restaurant in Jhubei

Main attraction, the FOOD. [Starting from center-bottom dish and moving anti-clockwise] Shrimp fried rice,Shrimp fried rice, Seaweed Tofu soup, Beef noodles and Dumplings.
[In the center, starting with dish just below the soup bowl moving clockwise] fried pork chops and potato, cooked vegetables with spicy sauce, boiled chicken and cooked pig liver. Yes thats right, PIG Liver :P

Staicase to Second floor sitting arrangment

Staircase to Second floor. Colleague told me that second floor was reserved for large family celebration lunch/dinner parties with each table being able to accommodate over 20 people.

Ray @ Restaurant in Jhubei

happy dinning. That’s Ray after the dinner. Look at that ear-to-ear smile. Didn’t I tell you the food was great?

Published: November 21 2007

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