An evening with Bushman

Finally I had a chance to meet one of the prominent and talented Taiwan Blogger Michel J Klein aka The NH Bushman. He hosts a hugely popular blog on Taiwan known as

Earlier Thursday night I got a call from MJ and we i.e myself and Saumen decided to meet MJ at his place in Hukou which happened to be just 10 min train ride from my office.

Friday evening with NH Bushman

L to R. MJ, His lovely wife Hui Chen and Saumen

MJ has a great post about the evening over here.

Ever since I started reading food posts by MJ I was dying to taste some Hui Chen cooked delicacies n boy, what a feast we had for the evening. On top of that I also tasted Royal Sang Som Rum for the first time. Simply AWESOME. Thumb up to Sang Som :)

After dinner MJ treated us with some fabulous solo guitar and singing session. The one MJ is playing in above picture is the one and only 12 string guitar in Taiwan. More on the guitar and music is in MJ’s post.

The picture above sums it up. Hui Chen prepared incredibly delicious Grilled food, MJ on his 12 string, Saumen and last but not the least Sang Som ;) It was a very special experience for me. MJ was very very kind and a perfect host. I want to take this opportunity to thank MJ & Hui Chen for fabulous evening. I can not put into words how much I enjoyed this special evening. I wish we will have more of these in coming years. 

Published: December 02 2007

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