My Dream Machine

My Dream Machine

Ducati 1098 Absolutely stunning, isn’t it? This Italian beauty isn’t the real “mean” machine as her sisters [step sisters if I may add] Aprilia RSV, Yamaha R1, Kawasaki Ninja and Suzuki Hayabusa [This is one real colossus with top speed of 305 kmph]. The best thing about this bike is its power to weight ratio. With its 1098cc machine it has power output of 160 bhp, almost the same of lowest Audi A6 model, allowing it to zip upto breakneck speed of 271 kmph and it still weighs just about 173kg. I used to have a poster of this bike in my hostel room during my college days [older model as you may guess but still I find it stunning] and I am still carrying it with me here in Taiwan.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention, Ducati 1098 won “The Best Bike of the Year 2007”. Read more about it here

The Best Bike of the Year 2007

I have seen couple of these beauties such as Hayabusa and Yamaha R1 here in Taiwan but no luck with Ducati models yet :( but I gather from forum that there is a big superbike following here.

Anyways its my dream to own one of these 1098. Lets see what future has in store for me. For the time being I am content with travelling in these

Taiwan Taxi

I had to take this cab to visit a customer in Jhunan Science Park the other day. Thats Doreimon, a famous Japanese cartoon, painted on the front and side. If you take a close look you can see rows of Doreimon toys on the deck.

Published: December 08 2007

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