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While I was mulling over which Magazine I should look forward to for quite sometime, after learning Busness 2.0 had its last print edition in Oct 2007, my eyes were laid upon this seemingly unattractive cover of Taiwan Review magazine in a bookstore.

Taiwan Review Dec 2007

But since this local bookstore in Jhongli didn’t have any other magazine which I thought were worth for my money I decided to buy this one for meagre 55 NT$. A cup of coffee and 45 minutes later when I finally put down this 65 pages book I felt really impressed. One can read the whole magazine online here but online reading isn’t really my thing. I like to enjoy the book in old traditional way ;)

Now on to the things that impressed me about print edition of this magazine.

The cost – 55 NT$. I found it really worth for this small amount of money whereas others like Time Asia or Forbes, often in excess of 200 NT$ here in Taiwan, more often than not contain irrelevant articles [No offense to other Time/Forbes magazine subscribers]. For the cost of 4 newspaper I think this is a pretty good deal.

Simplicity – Beautifully written and composed. Formatting with regards to paragraphs and fonts is simply excellent.

No Ads – There isn’t a single advertisement in this magazine. In the time of world where every other magazine is carrying half of the pages full of advertisements, where article on economical state of under developed countries comes with TAGHeuer watch ad posted right next to it, it was heartening to see meaningful articles free of Ads.

Content – I know its premature for me to judge its content only after reading a single issue but from what I have read so far it looked like the focus of this magazine is purely on spreading awareness about Taiwan. Articles of Dec 2007 issue covers topics ranging from Taiwan’s ambitious effort to build a wireless broadband network to Taiwan’s New Wave Cinema movement and history of Baseball in Taiwan. But the one I liked the most was about Treasure Island Sculptor. The way it has written is inspirational and pictures of artwork made by Wood sculptor Chang Ching are simply exquisite.Online article doesn’t have all the pictures that are on the print so if you wanna see them please buy a copy.

I highly recommend this magazine.

Published: December 13 2007

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