Life In December

Things have got really hectic lately. I must finish 2 important projects before I head for my Christmas vacation in Brisbane, Australia. I am quite excited about it. More about it in coming posts.

This post is just random things about my life in December here. December started with lot of fun. In the first week two of my best friends Souvik and Sachin celebrated their birthdays. Wish could have been there with you guys :( Also in the same week another year in my life went by. This is the second time I spent my birthday in Taiwan. First one was in 2005, just day after first time I set foot on this Island and the second one this month, when I feel quite settled and used to Taiwan life.

26th Birthday cake

Foggy morning

Its getting really cold here. the other day I woke up to this view from my 11th floor apartment.

Foggy morning

Could barely see anything several feet apart.

Crane outside office building

The other day this monster greeted me at my office doorsteps.

Trees in Office Campus

Didn’t I tell you its getting really cold here.

Thai Massage Center in Jhongli

Thai Massage Center in Jhongli

This month has been really indifferent so far. The other night while going back to my apartment I saw this. It was little surprising to see Ganesha, the Elephant God as known popularly, posted at the entrance of strange looking building entrance. Folks there told me it was a Thai Massage Center. Couldn’t understand the logic behind using Ganesha pictures at a massage center though.

Can’t wait to get over with work in this week and then I’m off to a Christmas vacation in Australia. BTW it was just perfect that I had to travel and MJ published his “”" target="_blank">Diary of Professional Traveler" series articles. I highly recommend to read these fabulous tips and insights about International Travel. Great stuff from MJ.

UPDATE: I had to put off my travel plans for now as some “showstopper” issues have surfaced out of no where.

Published: December 18 2007

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