Hiking on Fei Feng Mountain

Yesterday I went hiking on Fei Feng Mountain in Hsinchu. What an incredible time I had especially given last two weeks were as treacherous as it could get. I was working at customer site to implement our system and resolve any issues that occurred. I really needed to unwind and take my mind from off the otherwise mundane things that I do in my daily life.

Feifengshan as known here is situated east of Hsinchu county near Cyonglin. Take Jhudong exit on freeway number 3 and head for Cyonglin. Many signs like below will guide you to Fei Feng mountain. This peak earned its name because of its shape, a phoenix with its wings down, as on descent.

Fei Feng Mountain Sign

Eary morning Sun as seen from Fei Feng Mountain

It was a warm and sunny winter Sunday morning when we started our climb albeit a little late at 8:45 AM.

Trkkers buying mountain gears before embarking on the climb

Hiking enthusiasts were checking out mountain gears at a local vendor.

Fei Feng Mountain Hiking Trail

Trail had an interesting start with a stairs manufactured using expended tires.

Fei Feng Mountain Hiking Trail

Soon it started to get steep.

Fei Feng Mountain Hiking Trail

I came across a lot of old people taking a walk in the woods. These ropes attached to trees along the trail assisted them to pass some tricky phases. In fact I helped myself with them number of times. I guess another sign for me that I am getting older. Not a bad time to make a resolution to get fitter as this is a start of new year.

Fei Feng Mountain Hiking Trail

The trail is literally covered with trees. Hardly any sun rays could ever reach to the ground.
I took a lot of pictures of the trail. Please check my flickr set for full coverage.

Fei Feng Mountain Hiking Trail

One of those rare moments when I could peak through the green and see something at farther distance.

Adjoining Mountain Ranges as seen from Fei Feng Mountain Hiking Trail

Roughly after reaching half of the mountain height I saw adjoining mountain ranges.

Adjoining Mountain Ranges as seen from Fei Feng Mountain Hiking Trail

Simply breathtaking. Multitude of folds as long as my eye sight could reach. Made me remember my Himalaya trip in my younger years. Stunning.

Orange Farms on Fei Feng Mountain side

While I was revelling on those mountains far away, somebody pointed me out these cute little Orange fruit trees on the edge just few meters from me. As I walked further I learned there were indeed a large number of Orange farms in the surround area. Absolutely beautiful. I had never seen one actually before. Little trees with cute little orange fruits.

Orange farm

This one shows two most beautiful things you can see on FeiFengshan. Orange laden tree farm in the background and Phoenix flowers.

phoenix flowers on Fei Feng Mountain

Beautiful Phoenix flowers blossoms. FeiFengshan is also known for white Plum blossom but I couldn’t locate any or I should say I didn’t try any harder as I was too busy savoring what I was seeing already.

Race to the top

I don’t know why but I just love these shots. It brings so much peace to my mind when I see those trees dancing to the tunes that wind has to play and clear blue sky with small thin white clods thrown in the background.

Beautiful early morning winter sky

It was a wonderful sunny winter day with beautiful blue sky.

Small restaurant on Fei Feng Mountain Hiking Trail

The only eating place I found on the trail, was offering green tea and fresh oranges, probably from their backyard and looking over a stunning and picturesque landscape. Worth for every cent you spend there.

Fei Feng Mountain Hiking Trail

I continued my journey on this scenic trail, making not so difficult decision about which way I should take as each one of them were guaranteed to treat me to the beast that nature has to offer. There are benches every several hundred feet to rest your tired keens and ankles.

FeiFengShan Hiking Trail

Finally the trail culminated at a sitting post built for hikers to sit and enjoy the wide view of surrounding hills.

FeiFengShan Hiking Trail

FeiFengShan Hiking Trail

Before coming to FeiFengShan and even during the climb people told us that on a clear day one can see Taipei 101 from the top. The haze all along prevented us from verifying the fact. To add that we had no idea which direction to look into for 101 was another thing LOL.

Me at Fei Feng Mountain hiking trail

Finally I convinced myself to be photographed.

On the way Fei Feng Mountain hiking trail

On the way down we took another way which was leading to some temple. Way back down was more pleasant as pople taking care of this trail had built a nice path.

On the way Fei Feng Mountain hiking trail

On my way down I saw this lady reading a book. She was so focussed while reading. She didn’t even lift her head even once in those 15 minutes that I was there and why should she. That particular sections of the trail was so quite and tranquil, how I wished I had enough time to sit there and just be in the moment.

Fei Feng Mountain rocks

Not just wooden benches, there were also these meticulously cut rocks for people to sit down whenever they want.

Young trekkers

Even young legs were enjoying little mountain climbing exercise …

Kids having fun

… and more fun.

Orange fruit venor on Fei Feng Mountain

I duly picked up my bag full of fresh oranges from this vendor and they were as fabulous as you could get.

Backyard of the Temple near Fei Feng Mountain

Way back down ended at the backyard of a temple. Trees all lined up created an amazing background for the temple.

Temple at Fei Feng Mountain Foothills

This wonderful temple is situated at the top of a small hill overlooking a ridge on FeiFengshan.

Ridge infront of the Temple near Fei Feng Temple

Check out those orange trees, I started to feel sweet citrus taste each time I saw them.

Couple enjoying view in front of Temple near Fei Feng Mountain

People were enjoying quite time with nature on a Sunday afternoon.

After the hike we went to Beipu Old Street. More on this in my next post. So stay tuned.I had amazing time, felt exhausted but it felt wonderful. After long time it was my body which felt tired and not mind for a change.

Sunset as seen from my office building entrance

I had to get back to my office to pick some of my stuff and I came upon this beautiful sunset right at my office building doorsteps. And a thought came into my mind, if only I could leave my office at this time everyday wouldn’t it be awesome.

This being my first post in 2008, I want to take this opportunity to wish anyone reading this blog, a very Happy New Year. May this year bring a lot of happiness and peace in your life.

Published: January 07 2008

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