Back in Taiwan

I wish I could say ‘Back with a Bang’ but on the contrary I was banged by Taiwan’s bone chilling cold weather on my return.

I had been inventing reasons not blog for over a month. Last post wasn’t a real post anyways so actually it has been 2 months without any real “tumble in taiwan” LOL. Truth to be told I was tumbling in India for a change during Chinese New Year vacation.

January 2008 came and went as good as any other month before. Most part of January I was mulling over my plans to spend a small much awaited and needed vacation. Finally I took a call in late January and booked my tickets to India.

Came 2nd Feb I found myself in Pune, my home in India. Not before my 200 mtr hurdle race at Mumbai airport which was/is being renovated(?) and a wild taxi ride,initially estimated to take 3.5 hrs instead cruising to Pune in less than 2 hrs 15 mins.

The same evening me and my friends were off to Goa, a popular tourist destination in western part on India. We spent 2 very long days and a long night there which also included a visit to my sister’s place. She is living there with her family now, wow how cool is that ;) BTW a big thanks to Pankaj and Hrishikesh for showing us around in Goa. It was very kind of you to take out some time on a working day and help us plan out our Goa excursion.

Honestly I would have loved to catch some breath there and spend some quite time but as we usually do, we ended up grabbing too much sand in our hands than we could actually hold. Nevertheless it was awesome to be with my friends among whom I didn’t have to watch my tongue and care about what I or anybody said, shell out mindless nonsense and still laugh like we were watching a nice Robin Williams fun movie. It amazes me to infinity, in FNC, Friday Night Club as what we call our group, each one of us is so much different with enormous variety of taste for things but still being able to share incredible joy and passion for companionship. Well 3 GB won’t be enough if I keep writing about FNC. Lets save it for another time.

We drank cheapest liquor [Goa is famous for being closest to coveted Duty-free mark], smoke, wore cowboy hats, rode huge bikes, breathed fresh air, watched foreigners hop on elephant and getting photographed themselves, shopped~bargained and shopped again. Goa has innumerable beaches, white sand beach,water sports beach,family beach,rocky beach n so on. Most of them are safe but believe me some of them are not. Goan people are quite comfortable in English. Even we Indians had to resort to English while ordering some small stuff over the counter in a small shop. No wonder I felt like a foreigner in my own country where there were equal number of foreigners as compared to Goan, Indian people and everybody was speaking English. I wasn’t really in a photography mood in India but I did click some snaps to capture some special moments in Goa.

__ FNC at SOSA’s shop where Dil Chahata Hai title song was shot __


Do not drink and swim
__ Do not Drink and Swim LOL__

Take a break brother
__Hello moto __

Souvik and me
__ Indian Cowboy version … riding a local made Cruiser bike with a pillion LOL … on our way to Ozran Beach__

Ozran Beach
__ Ozran beach … just another beach in Goa__

sunset @ Ozran Beach
__ Sunset @ Ozran beach __

FNC @ Dona Paula
__ Final stop in Goa … Finding repose in the midst of the crowd @ Dona Paula, Panji Goa
L to R – manish,manoj,ashish and souvik__

Ace Ventura
Hindi: Jo dar gaya samjho mar gaya [English:Scared???if yes consider yourself a dead meat LOL… actually this is what it becomes when literally translated … the real closest meaing could be “not for the faint hearted”]

After 2 days of playfulness in Goa, I came back to Pune with a broken leg. Ok technically only my ankle was twisted but “a broken leg” sounds more dramatic ;) I got this huge foolish urge to beat Souvik in a race down to 1st floor while both of us were impatiently waiting for elevator on 5th floor where my sister’s apartment was. Both of us were in a warring mood so we were skipping 2~3 steps at a time while also fighting like those crazy roadrash game characters. And it happened, a wrong foot set down at the wrong moment and a breaking sound of a small woody branch of a tree was heard. A sudden swell on my ankle felt like I was staring into a fog, trying to find that missed turn or road sign which will lead me back home. Sweat puddle started to form on my forehead. 2 mins later I gathered all my courage and tried to stand on my feet. I felt this huge pain in my right ankle but at the same time Souvik’s words “its not a fracture for sure. Had it been one then you wouldn’t have been able to even stand on your feet” gave me a lot of relief. thankfully my sense of security of continuing my trip without any further break was restored as I increasingly found it easy to walk.

My parents were already in Pune to see me. No words are enough to describe the comfort and sense of security parents give us. I was delighted to see my parents and spend some quality time with them. From there onwards I went through several cycles of following pattern. Traveling in state transport of Maharashtra—>catching up with childhood friends and close family relatives—> stuffed myself with my favorite Maharashtrian food, pushed to limits by relentless insistence of my loving relatives who innocently thought I didn’t have any food to eat in Taiwan—>back to traveling again. Oh ya how can I forget the Big Sleep. Slept a lot and I mean really a lot. But its weird that now I don’t feel much refreshed. I guess its the cold.

Now when I think about it, visit to mother country didn’t quite well as I would have liked it to. I was running like a pig for most part of my vacation and found myself juggling too many balls at the same time. Although I met most of my friends, I missed out meeting some of the big guns most notably thoughtworker sachin, buddy since my elementary school days Sachin Tayade and great friend and mentor Vikram. What can I say? I am a bum. Lets hope I can make it next time folks.

I reached Taiwan only to find its freaking cold weather and my body, tired from all the buzz and travel in India, immediately gave in. I am down with cold and severe cough ever since. Just managed to see a Doc this afternoon, poor fellow, saw him step back a little when I walked into his room. Won’t blame him, I have this strange effect on people given my appearance. He dismissed me in less than a minute with a bunch of Tablets. I was happy to be escaped without a needle stuck up my ass. I am not huge fan of that stuff.

Well it looks like I missed a great deal of happening in Taiwan English Blogosphere. My google reader is stuffed with unread posts. I gotta find some nice and quite time on the weekend and dig into my rss reader to see some of the spectacular photos taken and well written posts over last couple of weeks.

On the final note I must mention "Its better in Goa ;) "

its better in Goa ;)
__ This was taken early morning … as if the hangover from the earlier night wasn’t enough i was sipping a breezer [I know thats lame but i’m really not high on heavy drinks] and wore this 30 rs use-n-throw t-shirt with those words LOL well as you can guess we proved the theorem first then defined it … another important thing to note is that it took me a lot of courage to put that picture online and indirectly admit i’m no more that young lanky fello from yesteryears … on the contrary I am officially a heavy weight champion in FNC now <:-P

Published: February 26 2008

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