Mystery box has arrived

Late in the morning yesterday, Frances, who takes care of almost anything from administration to hiring new people to arranging meetings/outings to business travels in our company,appeared at my desk with a US postals brown box addressed to me. It took me several seconds to realize that I had received a shipment because I don’t get a mail a great deal here. In fact the only bundle I ever received in Taiwan before contained my papers that I needed to file for work visa.

I didn’t bother to read the postal receipt stuck on top of the box and took out the tapes. There I found three hardback books, gleaming and almost shouting out “Surprise !!!”.

Mystery Box Contents

Couple of weeks ago I happened to read about Mystery Box Charity from 800ceoread blog and the idea struck a chord with me. I instantly registered and checked out an order for one mystery box.

800CEORead recently held their first ever Best Business Book Awards for several categories.Apparently 800ceoread had received loads of business books from eager authors and publishers all over the globe and still continues to I believe. They had this noble thought to bundle up 3 random books submitted for the awards in a mystery box and sale for a humble prise of 20$ and chip in all money brought forth from this activity for a great cause room to read .

What is room to read? Here is the “about us” from them
bq. John Wood, Founder and CEO, launched Room to Read after a trek through Nepal. He visited several local schools and was amazed by the warmth and enthusiasm of the students and teachers, but also saddened by the shocking lack of resources. Driven to help, John quit his senior executive position with Microsoft and built a global team to work with rural villages to build sustainable solutions to their educational challenges.

Room to Read began working with rural communities in Nepal in 2000 to build schools and establish libraries. The organization’s geographic reach expanded rapidly as significant needs and opportunities were identified in Vietnam (2001), Cambodia (2002) and India (2003). The Asian Tsunami in December 2004 provided a catalyst for entry into Sri Lanka followed shortly by Laos. In 2006, we expanded to our second continent by launching Room to Read in South Africa.
I got copies of Negotiation Genius , The Coming China Wars (Where they will be fought & How they can we won) & The Oil and the Glory each costing over 20$ each now wasn’t that a sweet deal :D
Out of these 3 books only Negotiation Genius seems can be classed under “business book” category. I had already decided to to gift one book from this mystery box to my boss and its ridiculously simple to guess now it will be a copy of “Negotiation Genius”.

The Coming China Wars title looks catchy but after going through some of the search results, amazon reviews and especially a review titled “”" title=“China Bashing for Dummies” target="_blank">China bashing for dummies" I guess I’m not so sure if i want to spend time on it. It might be heading straight to a used book store or a public library.

The Oil and The Glory tackles history of international politics in oil business, a subject I am least interested in but after running through some pages of it I have decided I will give it a try. If it doesn’t hold my interest for more than 5 pages it will follow the “china bashing” book.

So this might have left me with nothing to read but there was one more little surprise in that little box. 8CR team had also packed a free copy of their first ever magazine “In the Books”. Lots of snap reviews of business books of 2007 and some great articles such as the introductory “Why we love business books more than ever” by Erika Andersen. Did you know that the first classic business book of the western world was Il Principe written by Machiavelli.He offered advice he thought would be most valuable to them in consolidating their power and creating thriving and profitable governments. Its another thing that now it is mostly read as a cautionary tale an example of how NOT to lead LOL

Well on the final note I would like to say a BIG thank you to 8CR team for providing an interesting opportunity to contribute in a great cause and also congratulate them on Mystery Box Success.

PS: If you like Business books take a peek at a vote for Best Business Book of ALL time

Published: March 14 2008

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