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Yeah thats exactly what it is, Mr. and Mrs Ashlin. Never thought I will be writing the wedding post so soon but here I am. This may come as a huge surprise to many of you because I haven’t been very vocal about my love life here on my blog. On a bright Sunday morning of 20th July 2008 I got married with my Taiwanese girlfriend, Selina Weng, in the presence of my family and handful of my close friends in Pune, India.

It all happened at a super sonic speed. Looking back now I can say it felt like a roller coaster ride at mac one speed. Thought of getting married in India hadn’t even crossed my mind. All was decided within space of four days. I had gone back to India earlier on 13th July, alone and Selina was supposed to join me five days later on 18th to visit my family and friends. Since Selina wasn’t to be expected to visit India next time until end of next year, my lovely sister suggested us to get married in India. Doing so allowed all of my family and close friends in India a chance to meet Selina and give their blessings to us.

It was decided to have a traditional Indian wedding, although an express version of it that included a wedding ceremony performed according to traditional Hindu wedding rituals followed by a buffet lunch for the wedding party. The trip was already turning out to be a crash course of Indian culture for Selina. Believe me when I say that understanding Indian culture subtleties could be daunting but Selina took it really well. In fact she was like a kid in a Disney land and enjoyed every bit of discussions about the rituals and the whole wedding process.

Over one hundred people that included all of my family, I mean ALL of them and couple of close friends [some of them were informed at 2 am the night before the wedding :P ] We had very little time to prepare for the wedding but thanks to my ever agile sister and her husband Pankaj who took care of most of things.

Unfortunately no one from Selina’s family could join the wedding as her family was taking care of her grandmother who wasn’t keeping well that time. But we are planning to have a traditional Taiwanese wedding too so as to let Selina’s family and friends join the celebrations.I will keep you posted about the wedding plans in Taiwan.

Although many of you might be interested to know the wedding details but I simply do not have the luxury of the time at the moment hence I apologize for the haphazardly put wedding post.

Here are some pictures from the wedding.

Taking the BIG Leap
Taking the BIG leap Saptpadi

With Friends
With Friends

With Parents
With Parents

Wedding Venue, Culb Oasis
Wedding Venue

All pictures courtesy to Souvik Basu :) Thanks Dear >:D<

Published: August 05 2008

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