I'm watching ...

Wood carving awards were held on 7th in the same building where I have been working since last July. I couldn’t photograph any of the exhibits as I was supposed to be working. Hell with the dreadful office hours. In the late afternoon though as I sauntered through the first floor hall, I learned that the awards were over and most of the exhibits were taken away. Luckily my eyes were laid upon 2 exhibits that were placed at rather strange locations. One of them displayed below was placed under a staircase as if it was supposed to be discarded. Not an ideal condition to photograph but I tried my best. Still had to post process for sharpening and blurring. Here is the result. I’m not really big on post-processing but I believe this photo needed one and I did my best. Let me know what do you think.

I'm watching you

Published: October 09 2008

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