Strawberries in Puli

strawerry farm, puli
strawerry farm, puli

Thursday we went to Puli for strawberry picking. A Day before that Selina’s sister had come back to Changhua with her children and Thursday her husband joined the family. Kids were tired of running around the house and needed some more entertainment so off we went.

On the way to Puli we passed by numerous flower farms;seas of yellow, pink, purple with magenta edges but mostly yellow flowers. It was tempting to get out there and take pictures but others were not much exited about it so we carried on towards Puli. After much deliberation we decided to stop by a farm surgically manufactured between two huge properties, way much smaller than the one we went to in Miaoli in the winter of 2007.

Kids quickly went about their business and started hunting delicious looking strawberries like a seasoned hunter. Surprisingly luscious, dark red strawberries were aplenty, given that many of the surrounding farms were overflowing with people. I guess this particular farm went unnoticed being the smallest around. The boxes filled up in no time and we were left with more time to kill in the afternoon.

My father-in-law works for SWCB so he took us to one of the SWCB maintained farms somewhere in Caotun hills, a very huge property spreading over several hills. Handful of dwellings look over expanse full of varied plant life. As we settled in I enjoyed couple of berries and watched kids ride bicycles around the farm.


A very loud karaoke played in one of the small houses hampered the otherwise peaceful serenity of the surroundings. After some time I walked around to familiarize myself with the farm. Couple of huge domesticated dogs barked from their hutch as I walked by them. Meanwhile in-laws helped themselves to pick fresh vegetables from the huge backyard hidden behind tall betelnut tree lines.

tree tops against blue sky
tree tops against blue sky

As the Sun neared hilltops, betelnut trees imbued sun rays creating a magnificent orange sky above the farmland.


Later in the evening we went to yet another restaurant near Jhongsing village circle. At this rate I guess we will soon run out of all new restaurants there and will have to start over.

dinner with the family
my father-in-law took this photo

Please check more photos from the day in a chronological order from my flickr set.

Published: February 01 2009

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