Our bundle of joy, Susan

So its been a while since I wrote something here. Tons of things have happened over the past couple months, most forgettable and and duly forgotten. But then among them there is this one beautiful moment that we will remember in its entirety as long as we walk this blue planet and that is the birth of our first child, a daughter.

new parents

There she is behind the glass partition. Doctors had to put her under observation as she had swollen eyes possibly due to some infection.

Selina holding Susan

Selina holding Susan couple hours after she was born.

father and daughter first pic

And that is me holding her for the first time. In fact that was the first time ever I was holding a new born child. Since then we have been enjoying taking care of her, changing diapers in the middle of night, learning the ropes of parenting and whole lot of other things. Susan has been incredible so far. She seems like a tough girl. I haven’t really got around taking some nice shots of her. She is either sleeping or staying on her bed most of the. Work too has been relentless in last couple months. I can’t seem to find a way to avoid long hours at work lately. Selina has been terrific though. Taking care of a new born is hell of a job. Susan, until recently used to wake up every 3~4 hours but now she has started sleeping through the night which is a very very welcome relief.

This new addition to the family also necessitated an upgrade (sorry about that,occupational hazards) to our transportation means. We just got ourselves a tiny new Toyota Yaris.

our tiny new car

Hope this will facilitate our travels around this not so tiny island nation. We already took her on our recent trip to Changhua and Nantou county during the Dragon Boat festival vacation.

Published: June 06 2009

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