BBQ afternoon in Sanxia

On Saturday, forecasted weekend showers didn’t bother turning up so we went ahead with our plan to spend an afternoon in Sanxia, BBQing with my sister-in-law’s family and their friends. The place was somewhere in Sanxia outskirts, couple minutes away from AnChuGong hospital where our Susan was born. We had to navigate complex maze of narrow roads flanked with gorgeous rice paddies and occasional lotus field on either side to reach it. I had been there just a weekend before and that helped me find it without any help this time. It is an old house built with a minimalist approach and apparent lack of stuff in the house was amusing and pleasing at the same time. It has a private compound and that is where we were supposed to BBQ.

old house in Sanxia

I couldn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked since my camera was pretty low on battery. My battery charger is lying somewhere in our Changhua house. I left it there on our last trip but still I am quite surprised that the battery lasted that long considering I was there couple weeks ago.

I wasn’t sure how many people were expected but it turned out to be a LOT and it meant lots of car. What seemed like a large empty space filled up in no time leaving less space for children to run around or ride bicycles.


In a flash grills were setup and everybody got down to BBQing/Grilling or whatever. My SIL’s husband runs a small tea-coffee-juice drinks store chain and hence had arranged various flavors of teas to go with BBQ. That made the humidity and heat a lot bearable.



I barely knew anyone there but by the end of it made couple friends, one of them was a former pilot.

Later in the evening I slipped out for a bit. Just wanted to loosen up and also take a look at a temple that I saw on our way. I hardly bumped into someone in one hour of walking. I didn’t quite enjoy the overcast skies, occasional banter coming from some house and lifeless roads. I was particularly wary of stray dogs and fortunately didn’t ran into any of them. Well I did ran into two of them but they were not even close to threatening me.

somewhere in sanxia

I walked by a workshop where couple young tattooed blokes were working on a metal ladder. Sparks of soldering and ambient light made a good sight. No one would have noticed me as long as I kept my mouth shut but I had to walk up to one of them and ask politely if I could take their photo. And that they didn’t agree so I just walked ahead feeling a little disappointed. I kept walking shooting stray cats and rusty old car on the side of road on my way.

compound cats

an old rusty car

After what seemed like eternity I realized I wasn’t even close to the temple so turned back and came back in time when everyone was singing a birthday song to celebrate someone’s birthday with a huge cake. And after that another and thankfully last round of seafood grilling commenced.

By the end of it I was sick of eating and just sat on the compound ground gazing aimlessly into dark sky above. Folks had started leaving, making there way back home slowly. We were the last one to leave, not before promising to come back again, most likely during moon festival.

Published: June 22 2009

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