Saturday in Miaoli

Many thanks to MJ & Hui-Chen for inviting us to a BBQ party at the Miaoli cabin and we are also very grateful to Becky and family for their hospitality at the cabin. MJ has already written a detailed account on the day with loads of food pictures. What a wonderful place it is to spend a weekend relaxing, bbqing, listening to great music and talking with friends.

The weather was perfect and the drive to the cabin provided some spectacular views. At times I felt like I was in Hualien. Here are couple pictures from the day.

diy shade for susan

I had to DIY this shade for susan as the Sun was on her side most of the time.


We did meet a passing shower though.

beautiful day in miaoli

Since it was our first time to the cabin we obviously lost our way among Miaoli mountain roads and were waiting for the someone to show us the sideroad to the cabin.

miaoli cabin porch

The party was in full swing by this time and soon we brought the monster TV out in the porch for a KTV session. Boy that TV must have weighed more than 50 kg. Never knew they could be so heavy.

miaoli cabin farm

Everyone enjoyed the small farm in front of the cabin. Caleb, David and John had lots of fun throwing the ball. I am sure Caleb had great time playing and thereafter catching shrimps later in the evening.


In the meantime we were pulling our parental duties. We recently had Susan’s hair cut short.

Hui-chen's mom and susan

Hui-chen’s mom holding Susan.

miaoli cabin

Later in the evening we went to Aadong’s new place in Hukou for dinner. Thanks again MJ and Hui-chen for accompanying us for the dinner. It was a great fun hanging out with everyone; MJ & Hui-chen, Carrie, John and Caleb, David and Catherine and Neil and family at the cabin and we are looking forward to more future parties there.

Published: July 07 2009

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