Last night

I woke up late in the afternoon yesterday with shorter of the two clock hands already past 2, feeling feebler and less earthly. I thought I overslept but as I gathered my senses I realized technically I hadn’t, given I had gone to bed at about 6 in the morning. I was working till 2 am the night before. Just then Susan, who normally sleeps by this time, started her monosyllabic mumbling/singing followed by twisting, turning and rolling over in her crib. No matter how much I padded the sides of crib she occasionally managed to bang her head on it by pulling down the padding which is nothing but series of small pillows. If not that she rolled over and in the process twisted her either hand. She has been crawling at feverish pace lately so she maps the whole of crib, pushing and pulling anything that she can lay her hands on, mostly the mosquito net. It seems to us that she has grown tired of all the toys that we bought her couple months ago. This ill-timed late night entertainment continued until 5 am which is when she fell asleep. I lingered on my bed for next one hour, undecided on what time I should put my alarm on. I finally chose 8:45 am be the time to wake up but obviously I didn’t or rather I couldn’t.

Not surprisingly I took rest of the day off and sleepwalked through rest of the afternoon. In the mean time I totally lost track of Susan’s feeding times and kept asking Selina about it, which resulted in several ‘The wife look’. While Selina assumed the control of TV remote for most of the evening for her Korean saga programs I tried reading something useful on my notebook but instead found myself jumping sites/blogs without actually reading any of them. I quickly grew tired of sitting in front of my computer on my off day and managed to wrestle back TV remote from Selina and dabbled couple channels. Watching TV on weekdays is terribly unamusing as most will show the same movies/programs which have been already repeated a million times. Nonetheless I still kept watching. Somewhere a funny movie was going on, named Chattanooga Choo Choo. Well the name is hilarious but the movie isn’t.

It is rather strange how the time flies on your rest day. By the time I finally realized I was wasting my time it was 1 am and both my girls were sleeping. I powered up my notebook and managed to get something done which I had been procrastinating for months. I uploaded couple of Susan’s photos to and ordered 6" by 8" prints to be delivered to my parents. It was dead simple and wonder why I didn’t do it before. The website is pretty slick with a very likable UI. I have yet to confirm the shipping process and print quality though. I read some technical topics later on and for the first time gave a serious thought about planning my technical career. More on that later in a separate blog post.

Once in a while I peeked through the window to savor the beauty of full moon. Sparse fluffy clouds occasionally obscured the moon adding to the beauty of the whole bluish hue of the sky. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it. Little did I know what a painful job it would be. Next hour and half I spent photographing the moon and some of the Yangmei landscape with hundred different settings of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I was trying to get something which was practically impossible;landscape and moon both in sharp focus. To get most of the landscape in focus 30 or more sec exposure was required but by little googling I learned that the moon moves about the distance equal to its diameter every 2 minutes. So to get the moon in sharp focus it was necessary to either bump up shutter speed and/or ISO. So finally I learned it was only possible to get them both in sharp focus by double exposure which isn’t possible on my XSi or would require little photoshop magic in the post processing. Besides my 18-55mm kit lens was too limiting to get a great closeup shot of moon. Finally among the 30 odd exposure the best I could get is here

Full moon night

As the sunrise approached dark clouds took over the sky dispatching the full moon out of sight. Yangmei too was slowly warming up to the approaching Sun. I spared couple of minutes thinking whether I should get some sleep before office hours kicks in in couple hours but soon was left without any choice as Susan woke up and it was time for her diaper change and milk. It is a beautiful way to start my every single day watching her wake up and smile with abandon.

Published: August 06 2009

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