it was hazy last night

Weather has been struggling to get cooler here in Taiwan. It was much cooler last weekend this time but then it is back to being sunny and hot past couple days. Last night though it was unusally hazy. After putting susan to bed I stood by the window and could barely see the street below.

spooky night

The top exposure was taken about a month ago from our building rooftop and the bottom one last night. For both these shots I used my 10-22mm which I got my hands on just couple days before I left for India. It is one heck of a lens to get handle on especially given the distortion it provides at the wider end. But that is also the reason I got it for. I had been using my kit lens and 50mm f1.8 for a while and just got tired of the kind of images I was able to make using them. Which lens to buy was the easiest decision to make as all I had to to do was to take a look at my favorites on flickr. 80 percent of them are of wide perspective.
I haven’t been able to photograph much lately. After quitting my previous job in September I went back to India to get my wedding documents in order. Last week I finally got around converting my work visa to joint family resident visa (JFRV). The whole god damn process was monumental PITA (more on that later in a separate blogpost).
Anyways I’m pretty much settled in my new job by now. It’s a great place to work and I am enjoying the kind of work I’m doing and excited about the many other opportunities I have to work on. At last I got to work in Taipei city. It’s bit painful though, for now, as it involves two and half hours of commute everyday (from pusin to taipei and back by blue local train) but I’m hoping to move closer to Taipei in couple months after I see through my rent agreement. I’m thinking of Sanxia.
I will leave you with some more shots from last night.

siwei road
siwei road, yangmei

night alley
one of the many alleys in the neighborhood

biker stop
while coming back from nearby 7-11

me on the rooftop
me on the rooftop

Published: November 08 2009

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