Couple weekends ago we found ourselves in Neiwan. It was Saturday and as it often happens Saturday morning never really arrived. I woke up at noon and managed some household chores. The whole afternoon is a blur now. Skies were uninviting but finally we convinced ourselves to make best of our weekend and left for Neiwan at 5 pm. Selina hooked up GPS and 40 mins drive later we were among Neiwan hills.  Slew of cars sped down in the other direction raising plenty of doubts about our timing but nevertheless we marched on. Good decision that was I suppose. Although the place wore a gloomy outlook, misty hills and livid riverbed made up for it. I guess Neiwanese, if I may call them, don’t seem to get fair share of sunlight as the small town is trapped between towering hills and sun goes behind the hills well before actual sunset.

I noticed Neiwan hasn’t changed much since my last visit. Unlike previous visit we didn’t cross the river and instead took a stroll along the river. In fact Selina took a stroll while I used my 450D as a P&S to snap some photos. There is a nice broad wooden platform that runs along the river bank overlooking the riverbed, hills and a bridge connecting the two sides. Here are some pictures taken from it.

Couple enjoying the view

cards game

woode pathway overlooking river and hills

One of the many go-kart tracks in Neiwan

Afterwards we went to Neiwan old street to escape approaching darkness and looming rain clouds. Neiwan old street reminded me of Jiufen old street. Both happens to be on the mountain slopes. But unlike Jiufen, Neiwan was easy on my legs and lungs. Climbing Jiufen’s tall stairs can be a scramble whereas walking up Neiwan old street incline is pleasant unless of course you walk in a straight line.

shooting baskets

ET and folks

some old movie theater turned into a restaurant.

We came across an interesting restaurant which was a movie theater to begin with. We would have loved to have dinner there but I was stuffed having sampled many food shops on our way to it. Waitress at the front desk let me in to take a look. I found the movie screen was in working condition and hooked to a karaoke. Round tables occupied much of the space where movie goers used to be seated. In spite of the obvious modernization with AC and table fans it still had plenty of authentic feel. I’m definitely visiting it next time we come by.

I was told May and June is a good time to visit Neiwan as nighttime comes alive with millions of fireflies. There are couple spots to see them. On our way we learned the nearest place for that would be muddy after the afternoon showers. Dragging baby stroller in the mud didn’t sound like fun so we turned around. Weather permit we might give it another shot in June. You can find more photos in my Flickr set for Neiwan.

Published: May 26 2010

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