Yingge riverside park

Saturday saw opening of a fantastic riverside park in Yingge township. I have been watching development of this park for quite sometime as I pass by it on my way to Yingge train station every single working day. I was bit surprised to hear from my Sister-in-law about the opening as I thought it would take another couple weeks or even months to complete. Sunday brought better weather so we decided to head there and see it for ourselves. It is still work in progress however remaining bits wouldn’t get in the way of visitors.

Spreading over couple small hills this park is way bigger than I thought it would be. Unlike Luodong Sports Park in Yilan it is one long stretch along the Dahan river bank. Now I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Kid flying a kite in front of a giant pottery at the riverside park in Yingge Township.

Yingge being ceramics hub of Taiwan it shouldn’t be of any surprise that there would be tons of clay/ceramic artifacts in the park. This giant pottery minus potters-wheel is right at the entrance of the park. Giant saucers, cups, spoons galore everywhere.




These lovely four ladies were having such a great fun taking funny photographs of themselves and laughing their heart out. We stood fascinated and so did Susan.

Susan had terrific time climbing small hills,small structures, running around them and chasing pet dogs.


Susan running around giant pottery


They have also opened the bicycle path that was closed during the development of this park
If my guess is correct this riverside bicycle path continues going further ahead past Yingge/Sanxia for another 15 odd kms. There is a bicycle shop just around the corner near the entrance that rents bicycles.

Silhouette of a couple standing atop a small hill

If you live in Taipei it makes a perfect getaway on a weekend afternoon. You can catch a local blue train from Taipei main station and get off at Yingge station. Exit at Wunhua Road and turn left. Walk upto the end of that road and turn right to see the park. Or if you are driving your own car take freeway no. 3 and take Yingge exit. Cross over Dahan river bridge and turn right at the second traffic signal (You should see 7-11 to your right just before the traffic signal).

Published: November 16 2010

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