random stuff from first half of 2011

Here are some random mobile shots from past few months. I haven’t used my 450D much this year which should explain lack of posts here. I got bored of it for a while and also haven’t been to any new places this year except one odd day trip to Yilan few months back. Most weekends are spent in Sanxia tasting new restaurants near Taipei university area, taking a stroll in yingge park , at old street for few late evening snacks and/or lots of time wasting watching crap movies on MOD.

Anyways here are the photos followed by some descriptions

school bunk

Some days Susan just doesn’t want to go to her kindergarten. Here she is watching her classroom on the kindergarten live web camera view.

coffee hunt

Coffee hunt

mini mouse day

Me and Susan with one of her favorite mini mouse dress.

sanxia old street

This is how deserted is Sanxia old street on a weekday evening.

do not lean against the door

I am at loss to understand how reckless this dude is. He has ear plugs in and there is a good chance he would miss hearing which side train doors would open. In my 6 years of riding trains in Taiwan I have seen many times that train conductors open doors opposite to the platform only to run across and correct themselves later. But that’s enough for this dude to fall through the door and possibly run over by the train coming in from opposite direction.

umbrella couple

Old couple sharing an umbrella outside Yingge train station. Some days I miss my morning train and that means another 15 minutes wait for the next one.

moon wait
This one is in the evening. Same spot as the umbrella couple above only on a fluffy clouds and moon night instead of scorching sun morning.


SIL’s uncle’s house in Sanxia. The one where we have had many summer BBQs. Its square shape reminds me of spongebob squarepants.


In my two years of working in Datong district I have seen Datong district to be always under the hammer.

road work and jam

and more hammering, drilling and jamming

flower bus

flower bus

conference call
Rice cooker reflections. Jimmy,my colleague, hard at work before a conference call with customer.

evening contrast

Summer evening contrast to end the post with. Taipei main station and 55-floor mitsukoshi tower as seen from my office building.

Published: July 23 2011

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