Saturday bbq

Saturday we had a family bbq in Sanxia. It was at the same place as last time. Unlike last time very few people made it to the bbq this time. It was fun anyways. Susan had great time running around the block. We didn’t have to worry about keeping a watch on her as it was a closed compound and it had plenty of empty space. It was a leisurely affair. We made our way to the venue around 5pm and the party was about to begin. SIL’s husband took the lead and fired up two grills.

First up were chicken butts lol

and tiny sausages for the kids

soon the big items made their way on to the grill

pork chops

secret ingredient

that's 1 hr on the treadmill
Selina enjoyed pork ribs while counting the number of hours she would need to spend on treadmill to get rid of all that fat.So did I minus the counting :D


Susan gorged on all that protein she needed to keep her energy levels up all evening.

bbq watch
bbq wait. Only two grills but lots of people to feed so waiting was inevitable.

I spent my time photographing whatever I found interesting around the house.

This old lady was having hard time carrying all those drums on her tiny bike.

freshly picked flowers from the garden

Rusty old retired tractor in the backyard.

Rust close-up

We did grill some vegetables too for sanity’s sake :D Huge ass mushrooms and bamboo shoots (not in photos here)

Unlike last time I didn’t venture out. I was quite content throwing cheap rubber balls high up in the air for kids to catch and fetch them from under the car in case kids couldn’t reach.
Soon it became dark and out came the sea creatures.


But before that experts gave the grills a breather.

and it all started again

I went upstairs to take a bird-eye view but with no tripod and a wide angle lens it was a tough ask to come out with a better photo.

can't have enough

That’s it for a great fun evening of bbq.

Published: August 09 2011

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