Yongan fish harbor

Looking backwards from the harbor main building entrance, a family noshing on seafood snacks at the entrance

A typhoon was forecast a fortnight ago. Notwithstanding we made our way to Yongan fish harbor and luckily it turned out to be a brilliant Saturday for us. Although it was bit late in the day when we reached harbor I guessed we still had an hour or two before Sunset. I dragged Selina to the elevated wooden deck on the left of main harbor building. We took a leisurely walk on the long deck admiring the calm sea and beautiful sunset skies while Susan busied herself with the tricycle. Much to her amusement few planes thundered overhead as they made their way towards Taoyuan Int’l airport.

sunset portrait
Sunset portrait

My ladies taking in the breeze
Ignored by his masters. That little thing was quite ferocious actually as it jumped on me when I moved few feet closer to take his photo.

sunset couple
Sunset couple

before and after
Before and after

As the darkness crept upon us we made our way back to the main building. It has three different halls. One of them houses restaurants where you can have a leisurely seafood dinner. Choosing which one to eat at is basically no-brainer as every single one of them pretty much have the same stuff cooked in pretty much the same way. Each of them offer plenty of variety in seafood crabs,lobsters (really expensive), prawns and all sorts of fishes, fried or boiled you name it. So save yourself from the dilemma and pick anyone of them with least number of people in it so you get served sooner. Or you can move to the next hall that has lots seafood snacks. We grabbed a basket of fried oysters and a mixed fried seafood basket before moving on to the next and last od the three halls. This one housed all fresh picks from the sea. Selina went on shopping few fishes to cook on the following day and in the coming week while I was enjoying Susan’s excitement of seeing so much live marine life. Finally we grabbed some fresh Sashimi and headed back to the wooden deck. It had become pitch dark by the time and wind had also picked up a fair bit so we decided to get back to the car and head home.

yongan fish harbor
Yongan fish harbor main building

Published: September 17 2011

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