Pentax Zoom 90 WR

Few months ago my father-in-law gave me his 2 35mm film cameras that he hadn’t been using for a while. One of them was Pentax Zoom 90 WR and the other Nikon N70. Pentax one is a 35mm compact film camera with a 39-90mm fixed zoom lens. It is bit heavy for a compact camera. I like that the shutter is extremely quite. I might send to get it cleaned inside out as there is some dust inside the view finder and the lens as well. It takes great photos when the light is plenty so good for my lunchtime walk to snap few street photos. Last month I took few photos using it. Here are few select ones.

street corner

street corner, dihua street, datong district, taipei.

xinhai city god temple, dihua street, datong district, taipei

Road work, Yanping north road, Taipei

sidewalk gamer
Sidewalk gamer, Yanping north road, Taipei

noon nap
Noon nap. Minsheng west road, Taipei

signal wait
Signal wait at Dihua street and minsheng west street crossing, Taipei

Poster sky. dihua street, datong district, taipei.

All other photos can be found on my Flickr here

Published: September 18 2011

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