xiao wulai waterfall

Beginning of this month we took Susan to see Xiao Wulai waterfall in Taoyuan county.

Drive up there wasn’t pleasant. All the twisting,turning, going up and down on the mountain road made both Susan and myself sick in the stomach.

That didn’t stop us from enjoying fresh mountain air though.

First we enjoyed a bird’s eye view of waterfall from the observatory. Next we went down to the skywalk built right on top of that waterfall but learned that the next available slot would be two and half hours later. That wasn’t a bad thing as we still had to find a parking space and we also hadn’t eaten our lunch. We bought our tickets (50 NT$ each) and went about finding a parking space. It took us another half an hour to find it.

We came back after a luxurious lunch at a local restaurant nearby the observation deck and went straight to the main entrance of skywalk facility. It’s a 15 mins walk down the slope to the actual skywalk bridge from there. Skywalks are generally arranged in 30 mins time slots. There is space for only 50 people on the skywalk which is a transparent bridge that extends over the 50 meters high Xhio Wulai waterfall.

Fengchueishih (Wind Moving Rock)
This massive rock, knows as Fengchueishih (Wind Moving Rock) sits just around where the water free falls 50~70 meters down. It is almost a miracle that it stays the way it is without falling with all the water activity going around it.

Here is a side view of the skywalk.

Susan sat there on the transparent floor mesmerized by the noisy frothy gushing waterfall and I was actually worried people might stomp on her. But, like us, most of the them were watching the transparent floor to experience the presence on this giant waterfall below.

Later on we came back up near the main entrance and noticed there was a bigger calmer water stream nearby. Lots of people were soaking their feet in the stream and we decided to join them.

Susan getting her feet wet

… and hands

With camera around my neck I followed Susan along as she explored the waterbed.

Susan got bored of throwing small rocks in the water from the bank and I got bored of following her along so I picked her up and took her to the middle of the stream for a bit of an adventure.

It was much more fun now to get ourselves soaked in cold water of the stream.

I had to keep close watch on Susan as she was one stumble away from banging her head on the rocks.

Selina joined us a while later which allowed me to slip away for few minutes to grab photos of the scene around us.

One family gets ready to leave

while another joins

Young guns relaxing on the shore.

I wanted to enjoy my way back in daylight so we moved on an hour before it would start to get dark. As expected Susan was pretty exhausted by the time we made our way back to the car and fell asleep as soon as I had put her down.

I had wonderful time at the Xiao Wulai waterfall but next time I plan to go bit more further to maybe lalashan.

Published: September 25 2011

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